Sunday, January 28, 2007

Being a Man

There was a time to show it... and I was not a man enough then. and it showed... I was afraid of the world... now I hate it..... I was forced to do stupid things... and the stupidest of things happend. Bottles emptied... Lifes messed up.... and when it comes to pay the price, I paid in tears.... costs me nothing.... but.... someone paid for it with their life... for my mistake.... for me not being a man to mature.....and in the process... many more lives to sacrified.... just to make me a man enough....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Something that I learned the hard way

Somethings are a habit to us. Somethings we learn from our family, friends etc with out much effort. But some things are not at all easy.... and this is one thing I learned the hard way.

"You have to sell yourself consciously"

I always had a belief that whatever we deserve cos of our ability will come to us. If I am honest, if I am good at what I do, I will be recognized. But its not at all true. You will have to sell yourself.... To some people its a very natural activity. And for some its not. But many of the times you will have to do it consciously. Whether its about a job interview, a client meeting, a social gathering or getting a girl... the selling part is of paramount importance....