Friday, May 26, 2006


My idea of love is expressed in this picture. Its from a movie name "A Walk to Remember". This is how i want to live. And this is the feeling that i want to have forever.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why am I worried...

Hey sometimes i think why i should worrry about all this now. I am only 22.5 and i think a lot about this stuff.... hey i am a techie... and still why am i wasting soo much time after this... ?

May be because i look a lot older than i am...
May be because people whom i meet for the first time usually ask me "Whats your wife doing "?? Some have even asked me .. how many kids i have.... ??

May be because I feeel its very important... or i do have fears that i might fail to be a good husband, or my wife if not propoerly chosen is going to ruin my life.

Actually the whole thought process was initiated by a series of marriages of my relatives and some of my close friends. I began to feel that the whole system makes the bride and the groom vnuerable to failure. And still people approach it with a light heart.

I dont want to happen that to me... but still i have no choice.... all the birds are on the tree and i dont know how to climb one....

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Human made religion

This is in response to a comment on the blog below. Mixed marriages might fail... but whose fault is it ? If the marriage fails because its a mixed marriage then the religion itself is the problem.

See the comment made by my friend.

I like it very much.

"The dirtiest thing to bring between the divine love is the dirty human made relegion"

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mixed marriages

Apart from the choice factor mixed marriages have an advantage of introducing communal harmony. But again i am no politician. I see it as a beautiful way to get married. The only thing that should divide two partners must be the fact that one is a male and the other is a female. Silly religions and other divisions have already created a lot of broken hearts. Evil.... thats how i see it.

Matter of choice

I dont like religions, i dont like religious leaders. Not becasue of the hatred they are spreading, not because of the cheap tricks they do to keep the followors with them. Not because they are the dirtiest in mind.

Ive been a regualr visitor to matrimonial sites, and in those to search i will give my age, cast, religion, group inside religion, state etc..... and i get 25 results. Out of these 25 there will only be 2 or 3 for whcih there is a remote possibility. And if we search without any of these silly stupid nonsense features like religion, caste etc i end up with more than 1500 listings. Of which i like may be a 100 will be there. See the difference....

These religious idiots are limiting our choice yaar.....

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Changing Scenario

Times are changing. The days where the girl used to be submissive character is gone. Now they demand an equal share in the partnership. Financial independance, more liberal outlook etc have made these possible.

There was a time when every girl used to learn cooking.... learn household work. Now its medcine and engineering that they study. Many dont even know how to make tea. Any ways I know enough cooking to sustain myself. The change is good..... but how many are ready to accept it. How many are ready to give a helping hand in the kitchen. I am ready.... at least i wont show any objection when i speak. But when it comes to really helping... i dont know.

When girls get busy with their profession.... who will do the household job.. ??? Well lets appoint a servent. ....