Saturday, April 29, 2006


Everyones asking.... what do you expect from your wife. ???
Well is that an easy question. ? I myself dont know what i want.
When i see ads in papers i feel people are making marriages a contract.
You specify the deliverables.. and if the product matches your deliverables you marry.

I dont want to be a deliverable myself.

in a class of 60 students only 2 or 3 will be your good friends. Some will be just acquaintances. So how did those 2 or three become your good friends ?? Is it becasue you published your requirements, they satisfied it... and you decided to be friends.... I guess not. You studied in the same class and through interaction you knew in your sub conscious mind that you are compatiable and you beamce friends.

Friends can be changed. We can get a new friend any day. But can I get a new wife when i want ?? I guess NO willl be the answer. None seems to care abt this compatiability issue. Everyones looking at the deliverables only.

I expect to live happily with my wife. But how can i create the requirements for my wife so that ill be happy with her after marriage.

How can you guarantee that you will be happy if your wife meets so and so conditions.
if you feel so.... then meet you one year after your marriage cos ive seen fully satisfied on their requirements before marriage and unhappy about their spouse after marriage.


Most of the time its a one sided deal. One of the partner will have to submit eveerything. And most of the time poor girls sacrifice their wishes for the marriage to last long. Thats an acceptable case in india. If its the otherway around it seems very wiered .

Criter continued

I asked a friend of mine abroad..... what her expectation are for her future husband...
The answers were typical.

"just that ..i preffer someboday frm here..i mean who been here for the last few yrs..not someone who is born and raised here
some one who is strong at heart..who has a good idea of wht he wants ..not childish..
then...let me se
ofcourse tall enough for me
who should have a good family value...and has enoug spiritual belief
not too socializing but should have agood social life"

So what does she want from her husband ???


When someone is looking for a boy for marriage the main criterias are

Reputed job
Good salary
non drinker
non smoker

No body cares about compatiability. The boy and the girl gets atmost 30 mins to talk to each other and decide on whether or not to live 30 years together. And normally they boast to each other during that time. Then they build up dreams about the partner based on those 30 mins. Then after marriage its a painful process realising that things are not the way expected.

Arranged marriage ??

Well its the worst thing you can do in a relationship.
It may work. But its gambling.
I dont want to gamble with my life. I dont want luck to decide my future 30 or 40 years.
But i situations force you.....
I am not the kinda guy who can impress a girl
So love marriage is not an option for me.
I think this arranged marriage setup was created for people like me... who are the under dogs in the fight for a partner.

Finally its better to have something than nothing... so i am ready to forget the risks... i am forced to.....

Friday, April 28, 2006

What do u need from a marriage

Does anyone really know what they want from a marriage. ?
Everyones getting married these days. And I ve been thinking abt it a lot. Not Planning to get married soon, but thinking about how will it be like to live with a girl.... some one i have not seen yet.

This sudden thought about marriage was triggered by the fact that girls who used to be my classmates are getting married.... Suddenly started getting invitations.... and i began to think what all these people doing after getting married.

Is it a dream come true... or some sort of a regualr thing that everyone must go through. ?

Well if i get a girl who is a real problem herself.... my life is doomed.....

Stuff seems frightning.