Sunday, February 17, 2008

Contact Virus - Build your contacts with a virus

Dont be afraid of the name. Its not a virus that affects your computer. Its a concept application that will help you build your contact list in a collaborative manner.

The process is simple.

1. Visit and signup
2. Create list
3. Add your details and a few close friends of yours
4. Send out the list to relevant members
5. The list grows on its own.

Give it a try now at

To know the story behind the application check the contact virus blog

Friday, February 15, 2008

Recent movie gossip

Recently there was a movie gossip. The gossip was that the famous movie actor mammootty beat a fan in public. A youtube video also accompanied the gossip. But if we examine the video carefully we can see that no such thing occurred.

All that mammootty did was slap the had of a fan. The fan tried to mount the car mammootty was in.

Anyways, news is spreading that mammootty is beating a fan in public

Mammootty is the super star of Kerala.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Landing some traffic on my blog

I recently found out that orkut related keywords are letting a few visitors into my blog. Its something that I wrote some time back. So every one loves traffic and its a very nice feeling when someone comments. So I decided to give this a try. I wrote 2 posts about orkut. How to lock photos and videos in orkut. This was the post title. And I am gettting 20 to 25 people on a monthly basis from this search. looks like many people want privacy features in orkut.

Barcamps becoming hot in kerala

Barcamps are becoming a trend in kerala. Today the third barcamp kerala was announced after the successful completion of 2 barcamps, one in trivandrum and another one in cochin. The first one was attended by around 70 people and the second one was attended by 80 or so people.

The informal nature of the event has caught the interest of many. The concept of a junior barcamp, one in which only students participate is also getting popular. This will become a venue for students to discuss various technology issues that are in their reach.