Sunday, June 11, 2006

Love - From Experience

Ive been talking to a friend of mine who is a US girl travelling around the globe. We used to do a lot of tech talk and some how today we talked about love and GF/BF stuff. And as the discussion progresses she said something that struck me. Some thing that Ive experienced... she put it into nice words. It follows

"you will fall in love with your first gf, she will break your heart, you will become little less sensitive and romantic....(more practical basically) and you will go through coupla more relationships, some good some bad...and eventually they will look like headache to you, but you will still want to be in relationship. and you will keep looking and keep meeting wrong ppl and eventually the whole relationship crap will become a game, timepass as they say, and you will only do it for sex or for company etc and rest of the time you will be sooooo happy to not be in relationship. thats how it goes, and eventually you may end up getting married, but gosh, marriage is wayyyy tooo much work and 50% them fail"

And Ive experienced what she said. We keep on losing our innocence. May be thats how we grow, may be thats how we fight being hurt. may be thats how life is.... get involved, get hurt, patch it up, dont repeat.... the cycle continues. Lucky are the ones who are able to break it. Lucky are the ones who can have a fresh start.... as they can remain as innocent as a kid and enjoy the world.