Saturday, July 15, 2006

Acceptance of the reality

Recently I watched a movie named "50 first dates". The story is of a girl who has short term memory loss due to an accident. Every day is a new day for her. And our hero meets her one day and impresses her and they decide to date. But the next day she cant remember anything. So the hero is a dilema that he has to win her over every day. (Think how hard it is.... considering that fact that many of us cant even do it in 23 years).

Now coming to the point... her dad accepts the fact that his daughter is dating someone. Dating is a process of getting to know each other...... its like a demo application we install on our computer... we try .. and if we are not satisfied we try another.... The western world have accepted this fact and is living with it. This process happens here also... but we are reluctant to see it in such a way. We attach some divinity to it. Unthinkable...... Well theres nothing unthinkable....

Every time we get attracted to the other sex.... in colleges, work places.... everywhere. Sometimes we do it in a structured way and we call it courtship. Matchmaking is a similar activity.

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