Thursday, September 28, 2006


Ive been on vacation as far as blogging is concerned for the last month. Been busy with work, swimming in the oceans of technology. Ideas, analysis, documents, mails, meetings. its a new world...

Will be busy with work stuff for some more time.. but will come back to blogging as soon as i get time...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Romance -

This was posted as a comment to the post "LOVE" by a friend of mine.
Its beautiful.

Cold be the breeze around us,
Starry be the night with moon following us,
Branches twisting, twirling and hugging each other,
Endless be the path finding its way through eternity.

Just you and me and that long drive,
Where trees are bending over us,
Those clouds forming a cozy blanket,
With drizzles playing hide and seek with us.

Your presence making my heart beat faster and slower at the same time,
Your hands playing with my curls and mine with your ears,
Your eyes speaking my heart out,
Contravening all the silence within.

Your hands locking mine with a firm grip,
Your hold taking the toll,
Wondering those moves made by your fingers,
My dreamy walk is longing to get real.

Knowledge is Power

We all know the importance of knowledge. But do we really care about acquairing knowledge ? Normally people panic when they are in trouble. Thats a reaction to being in trouble. We get angry and frustrated when things are not going according to we planned. Yet another typical reaction. And there are are even more situations where these reactions are predictable. And most of the times these may not be the best reactions..And knowing this give you the power to control.

Knowing typical reactions to typical scenarious is very useful. Consider this..
You have a girlfriend and you see her sitting with another boy and talking to him. Almost everyone will feel uneasy and jealous. And sometime they openly show it. And this will have a bad impression on the girl. Some will tell her that you are mine.. dont sit with others... talk to others...
This is a very common mistake..

Jealousy in love is very common, but you can overcome it if you can understand it. If you know that what you are feeling right now is a typical behaviour, and its not wise to show it then you can control it. But that knowledge is very very important.

And there are many other occasions where human behaviour is predictable. If we can understnad them all... then we can control them. We can make lesser mistakes.