Saturday, May 03, 2008

Techie Fun

Technopark is a place with the highest density of techies in the world. Around 20,000 techies in an very small area working day and night. But life is not monotonous for them.

Technopark conducts an event called the Tech a Break every year, which is the fun event in technopark, where the techies get to enjoy for 2 weeks.

The recent event was Tech a break 2008. There were many events like group dance, singing competitions, sports and games.

Incremental service delivery

In the early days of software, people used to sell software and then forget about it. Service was not a concern. There was no proper feed back mechanism. Different versions of the software would be released, in which the client had to replace the old installation every time a new version was released.

Then the process began to change. The concept of service pack started to become popular. A Company would sell a software and then would release a service pack after a few months, which will correct the bugs in the existing installations. Sometimes they also add features.